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Online Marketing Roadmap

8 Components To Triple Leads Through Online Advertising

Your dealership is the purest form of capitalism still alive in the US, right? Your dealership carries products and offers services that people are going to pay for.

With so many technologies and new companies offering shiny competitive advantages, it’s challenging to know how much time, money, and resources to throw at each one. The truth is, your car business IS still the relationship business. Buyers are more informed about your inventory, your competitors inventory, and their trade-in expectations – which is not necessarily your disadvantage. Through your dealership’s online experience, your buyers should be pulled close to the purchasing finish line without ANY interaction with your team.

There are several crucial online components to transitioning your prospective buyers into buyers…or at least the test drive, where your sales team can get belly to belly with the customer and help them buy from you.


Converting Website

What is your prospective customers first impression of your dealership?

Your website is your online storefront and should be treated as your brand’s first introduction to your prospective buyers as well as your past buyers. By 2017, over half of the traffic to your website will be on mobile (if it’s not already) So your site will need to not only be optimized to convert traffic into paying customers, but also be able to quickly be able to educate and convert customers from mobile devices. Afterall, there is a chance they are checking out your inventory while on your competitor’s lot.


Conversion Funnel (…or matrix)

How do prospective buyers turn into your buyers?

Walking people through the process to purchase from you is becoming increasingly automated. People that are at the beginning of their purchase process should receive a different message than someone that has already made their purchase from you, right?

A traditional conversion funnel would pull large volumes of prospective customers in at the top and narrow down the audience to the buyers through a few levels of qualifications.

Now buyers are more informed  than ever and can access your competitors pricing while on your lot or on your website. As these savvy buyers are doing their research, it is up to the brand to meet the consumer on their terms and reconnect with them through alternative methods to convert. (ie facebook lead forms)


Customer Acquisition (via Paid Traffic)

Are your marketing efforts and initiatives being seen by the right people? Is it easy for them to quickly take action?

People that are in the market for a car that is in your inventory and they typically will begin their search through search engines or 3rd party websites. It is important to have a healthy share of voice in these channels.

Alternatively, there is a much larger audience of ideal customers that are not yet in the market for your cars. Through psychographic and demographic targeting, you should begin to connect with these people and help them to start their purchasing decision.


Reputation Monitoring

Do you have your finger on the pulse of what peopler are saying about your dealership?

By simply putting propriary monitoring tools in place, your dealership will be aware of any online conversations that are happening and can be quick to react. 


Social Media & Community Management

Are your customers able to stay connected with your dealership outside of their mailbox, inbox, and web browser?

Social Media Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to meet new customers and stay connected. At home, at work and on the go, millions of people use social media each and every day, giving you the opportunity to reach people who live near you with relevant content and welcome them into your dealership.


Search Marketing

Can buyers that are looking for a car that is on your lot quickly find it?

Search marketing can be very competitive and a proper Search campaign is not a set it and forget it project. To get the most out of each dollar invested it takes a highly trained eye and daily attention. We also tap into your used car inventory system to automatically appear for online search queries for specific models that are still in your inventory.


Marketing Analytics

What systems can you put in place to begin making informed marketing decisions?

Opposed to basing marketing direction off of feelings, analyze actual figures. Where is your web traffic coming from? What pages do they visit? How long do they spend on your site? Where do they drop off?


Testing and Optimization

Are there new emerging trends that you can be the first to adopt? How will you know if it is money well invested?

US Department Store Merchant, John Wanamaker, famously complained that half of the money that he spent of advertising was wasted; the trouble was that he didn’t know which half. Through this process, you can quickly begin to identify and eliminate advertising waste.